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Project Description
The AVWA project is an HTTP Module written in C# that is designed to allow for versioning of various web assets such as .CSS and .JS files. This allows you to publish new versions of these files without having to force the server or the client browsers to expire cache.

There are lots of other modules on the net, however, all of them offered quite a bit more than what was needed for the task at hand. This module is a simple, elegant and straight forward module that adds version details to user defined assets. Custom config sections provide the user with the ability to easily add their own assets, or force assets to be re-downloaded by client browsers by simply making a configuration change rather than asking the user to clear their browser cache or force cache expiration on the web server.

Key Features
Some of the key features that were of importance were:
  • No code changes necessary to add version details to web assets.
  • Assets can be versioned by adding an entry to the config file.
  • Allows a config change to force the browser to download new assets tagged for versioning.

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